April 24, 2008

What to read to understand causes and action needed in the current food crise

Many newspaper articles, papers, etc. are disseminated in these days to inform the issue of rising food prices and their causes, impacts on developing countries. However, I found only an article that is comprehensive and that explain well the issue, impacts and the way out. If you are interested on this issue you should read this article of Bridges (ICTSD).

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old hack said...

prople should read my blog.l Ive got a lot of essays on that. Its pretty simple. You just grow a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers and make sure you know your local farmer. My dad taught me how to survive in anarchy when I was real young.

The Sustainable Development Blogger said...

Thanks for you comment. Nevertheless, you should remember that the problem is not that we produce not enough food. The problem is that in developing countries too many people does not have enough money to buy food also because prices are becoming very high. It does not matter if you know your local farmer or if you groe your food (event if you are poour it can help. It matter if you have an income (if you live in a developing country).

chandrabhan said...

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